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Project Description
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resources Windows 8 App with News, Feeds, Forums, Blogs, Videos & Twitter updates, information, guides & resources #MSDynCRM community.

This is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM windows 8 App which displays some of the main Dynamics CRM news, forums, Dynamics CRM videos, resources, Dynamics CRM feeds and twitter search tags all on one screen optimised for both Windows 8 Tablets and Windows 8 Laptops, Desktops, Tabtop/Lablet (such as Microsoft Surface). This Windows 8 App aims to provide some of the essential and main resources all on one screen without having to switch screens or tab between different windows. It's a simple App (v 1.0) but I believe it can be quite useful especially those Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and Dynamics CRM consultants and professionals who are fairly new to the field and those who want to see all the latest tweets, news and feeds about Dynamics CRM in one location and switch between them by a click of a button and without having to research resources and keeping on changing their current screen.

The App is built for the windows store but I haven't added it to the store yet as it is still in beta. Based on the popularity of the app and future versions, I can invest some time into extending it with more resources and information about Dynamics CRM and the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 resources, guides and information.

I am hoping this to become a community project with lots of input from everyone. Please add your comments and suggestions below and join the discussion. If you want to help with development, please also get in touch via my blog or via the App page also on my blog: http://

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